2018-19 RCIA CLass Notes

Class summaries, linked to slides and video guides are below. If you have any questions, email Rob at rcia@resurrectionaz.org.

  1. The Beginning: The case for God and His plans for creation and His people. (Our Father, Slides, Video Notes)

  2. The Bible & Jesus: God’s Word in Holy Scripture and Jesus’ role in salvation history. (Slides, Video Notes)

  3. The Church & The Liturgical Year: History of the Catholic Church and how we organize our year. (Hail Mary, Slides)

  4. Sacraments & Gifts of the Spirit: How we encounter God, His grace and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. (Slides, Video Notes)

  5. Fruits of the Spirit & Christmas: The tangible evidence our lives are being transformed and a review of Christmas. (Slides, Video Notes)

  6. Mass: Introductory: The first of four parts on our greatest prayer offered as individuals and as a community. (Slides, Video 1 and 2 Notes)

  7. Mass: Liturgy of the Word: The second part of the Mass is where we hear God’s Word and work it into our lives. (Slides, Video 3)

  8. Mass: Liturgy of the Eucharist & Concluding Rites: At the retreat, we discussed the Liturgy of the Eucharist and Concluding Rites. (Slides, Video 4 and 5 Notes, Sketchpad Video on Confirmation, Sketchpad Video on Eucharist)

  9. Questions (Slides)

  10. Prayer & Actions: We explore the nuts and bolts of how we talk with God and our actions lists to serve others. (Slides)

  11. Social & Modern Issues: We discussed what the church teaches about love and how this affects all human issues. (Slides)

  12. Living as a Catholic

  13. Death & Beyond

  14. Sacrament Practice